NASPCC has adopted three core strategic priorities (priorities) that guide the work of and are designed to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. All operational or tactical planning and resource allocation of the organization is based on and directed to these priorities. The strategic priorities are:

Development and Support of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions:

NASPCC will be the lead organization in the U.S., fostering, encouraging and promoting the development and ongoing operation of state prostate cancer coalitions nationwide; which in turn will build critical mass to help make prostate cancer a national health care priority.

Public Policy Advocacy:

NASPCC will be the lead organization in the U.S. advocating and lobbying for prostate cancer related funding and federal, state, county and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations favorable to the fight against prostate cancer; which in turn will support efforts to eradicate prostate cancer as a source of pain, suffering and death.

Education and Awareness:

NASPCC will be the lead organization in the U.S. developing and implementing prostate cancer related educational and awareness materials and programs; which in turn will help men, their loved ones and caregivers have informed discussion and make informed decisions about screening, treatment and quality of life related issues.