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Prostatepedia features informal conversations with doctors, patients, and activists about prostate cancer. Each month they tackle a different topic facing prostate cancer patients today—from how imaging has impacted treatment to dealing with erectile dysfunction after radiation or surgery to the evolving field of immunotherapy.

Prostatepedia Magazine (quarterly) and the weekly Prostatepedia Digests became part of NASPCC starting with the August 2020 issue.

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 NASPCC Webinar Series Presents:

“Clinical Trials in Prostate Cancer Using PARP Inhibitors” 

with Neeraj Agarwal, MD

Thursday, June 15, 2023
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm PT

Neeraj Agarwal, MDThis Webinar will help Patients engage in better-shared decision-making with their Physicians.

Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal is a Professor of Medicine and a Presidential-Endowed Chair of Cancer Research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah. He also directs the Genitourinary Oncology Program and the Center of Investigational Therapeutics (CIT) at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Dr. Aggarwal is an internationally-recognized physician-scientist in GU cancers. He has received multiple awards and has served as the overall study chair or steering committee member for many clinical trials. Dr. Aggarwal has authored more than 375 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He serves as a panel member for the NCCN and ASCO Guidelines Committees in GU cancers; Chief Editor of the ASCO Daily News; specialty editor for ASCO’s site; and is a member of the ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Advisory Panel. He was recently appointed the Senior Director for Clinical Research Innovation at the Huntsman. 

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“Epigenetic Control of Cancer Immunity”

Dr. Leigh EllisWith Leigh Ellis, PhD

This event was POSTPONED and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Dr. Leigh Ellis, Scientific Director of the Center for Urologic Research Excellence and Associate Professor, Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

The Ellis laboratory’s focus is the discovery of how a prostate cancer cell controls the expression of genes (epigenetics) to drive metastasis and resistance to current therapies. Their work has demonstrated how the epigenetic regulator, EZH2, controls prostate cell fidelity and evasion of immune detection, and has shown that inhibition of EZH2 resulted in reprogramming both the prostate tumor and its tumor microenvironment to re-sensitize to androgen deprivation therapy and check-point immunotherapy.

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