NASPCC - National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer CoalitionsFormed in Los Angeles, California in October 2004 by representatives of 25 states and others interested in the formation of such a participatory alliance, the National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions (NASPCC) is an umbrella organization for state prostate cancer coalitions, state prostate cancer task forces or state prostate cancer foundations.

We form or help to coalesce two to three state prostate cancer coalitions per year. We also occasionally sponsor educational forums and serve as a clearing house for programs and best practices that have worked in various states by and through their prostate cancer coalitions. All of the participating state prostate cancer coalitions derive benefit by networking and coming together once a year at the NASPCC annual meeting.

The prostate cancer community represented by the states participating in the NASPCC represents critical mass. This strength in numbers will help us achieve our goals to make prostate cancer a national health care priority.

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